Elrod & Sons, Inc. specializes in the providing the following services to residential and commercial customers:

Services We Offer

What we can do for you!

Voice and Data Cable

Install fiber optic and data cables to guarantee that all telephone and internet users have the access to voice and data connections.

Computer Networking

Install and configure servers to manage your network traffic.

Telephone System

Install and configure telephone systems including the Public Business Exchange (PBX), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and all other features relating to IP Telephony.

Computer Software and Support

Install new software and upgrade existing software, complete virus scans and updates, and perform preventative maintenance on computers.

Business Maintenance

Offer a variety of maintenance options through our Maintenance Agreement Program to meet your business needs.

At Elrod & Sons, Inc., our goal is to offer a variety of telephone and computer services to our customers. If you do not see a service on this list, that doesn't mean that we can't handle your needs. Telephone and computer services always have hidden features that require expert handling. Contact our Service Department at to submit your request.

No request is too big or too small. Our highly trained staff reviews each service request we receive and works directly with our Sales Department to guarantee that we meet your needs in a cost effective manner. We look forward to receiving your service request. You can be rest assured that we will give your request the utmost care and attention.


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